In the convenience of your home or office, we offer a 32 week online worldwide Certified Life Coach Training Program.
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Our Coaching Courses are offered to individuals, or to those desiring to participate in an online group

 Certified Life Coaching, and Mentoring Programs

Independent and Group Study

Weekly one-on-one online training with Dr. Watkins

There are required readings for each track

Specialty Courses:

"The Essentials of Christian Therapeutic Life Coaching" is a 32 week webinar course; meeting online 1 hour per week. This course is available worldwide, and it can be offered as an individual self-paced course, or as a group-based course.

(New Course Track)"The Contemplative Spiritual Journey" is a 32 week webinar course, meeting 1hour per week. You will coach and mentor those who are eager to learn and practice contemplative prayer as a way of life. You will read from the works of Meister Eckhart, St.Bonaventure, Thomas Merton, Thomas Keating, and Fr. Richard Rohr's recent contributions to the contemplative life.

(New Course Track)"The Essentials of Grief Coachingis a 32 week webinar course, meeting online 1 hour per week. You will help those who are suffering from a death of a loved one, a pet, divorce, job, home and a death of a dream.

(New Course Track) "Engagement and Wedding Coaching" is a 32 week webinar, meeting online 1 hour per week.  This coaching niche is wide open! This coach will work with couples before and after the wedding and with their parents to help them prepare for a possible "empty nest" syndrome.  W
hen we marry, we "marry" families!

(New Course Track) "Diabetic Coaching " is another 32 week webinar course, meeting online 1 hour per week. 
There is an epidemic of childhood diabetes! One person called diabetes, " A Disease of Choice."
As a diabetic coach, you will educate children and their parents how to prevent this dreaded killer! 

 Coaching: The Nuts and Bolts of Establishing a Successful, Fulfilling Practice or Business. We will review  books by 
Michael E. Gerber, particularly "Awakening the Entrepreneur Within," and "E-Myth Revisited". ("I've read countless books on business. No business author has touched me as deeply as Michael Gerber has.-Jack Canfield)

"Life Coaching training has given me an entirely new outlook on life and my ability to help others. Dr. David Watkins was sent by God to positively mold my life. Not only have I looked deeper within my soul and let God truly lead me but Dr. Watkins has also given me the strength and confidence to use all I possess and all he has taught me to help others. This training provided healing, growth and love for me to share with not only my family but those I help!! I will use every tool I've learned to be the best Life Coach I can be and I am forever grateful for Dr. David Watkins."Ashley Mack, CPLC, Certified Professional Life Coach

Certification will be awarded after completing 32 weeks of training and demonstrating competency in your specialty field.


At no extra cost, we offer monthly an optional 8 hours of  hands-on coach practice skills training in the Columbia, South Carolina area. All sessions are streamed live on the internet.

Total Training Hours: 32

For more information:

Please call: (803) 422-4306