In the convenience of your home or office, we offer a four (4 ) Month Online Certified Life Coach Training Program.
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Our Coaching Courses

 Certified Life Coaching, and Mentoring Programs

Independent and Group Study

Weekly one-on-one online training with Dr. Watkins

There are required readings for each track

"The Essentials of Christian Therapeutic Life Coaching" is a 4 month webinar course; meeting online 2 hours per week.

(New Course Track)"The Essentials of Grief Coachingis a 4 month webinar course, meeting online 2 hours per week. You will help those who are suffering from a death of a loved one, a pet, divorce, job, home and a death of a dream.

(New Course Track) "Engagement and Wedding Coaching" is a 4 month webinar, meeting online 2 hours per week.  This coaching niche is wide open! This coach will work with couples before and after the wedding and with their parents to help them prepare for a possible "empty nest" syndrome.  W
hen we marry, we "marry" families!

(New Course Track) "Diabetic Coaching " is another 4 month webinar course, meeting online 2 hours per week. 
There is an epidemic of childhood diabetes! One person called diabetes, " A Disease of Choice."
As a diabetic coach, you will educate children and their parents how to prevent this dreaded killer! 

 Coaching: The Nuts and Bolts of Establishing a Successful, Fulfilling Practice or Business

Certification will be awarded after completing 4 months of training and demonstrating competency in your specialty field. 

At no extra cost, we offer monthly an optional 8 hours of  hands-on coach practice skills training in the Columbia, South Carolina area. All sessions are streamed live on the internet.

Total Training Hours: 32

For more information:

Please call: (803) 422-4306