Enhancing Counseling Skills

Online Course Description

"Counseling Skills for Ministry" 

 A 10 week online course held two hours weekly.

This course is a practice lab in which we will role play, present case vignettes and share solutions to difficult counseling situations.

Ministry Certification and 20 Continuing Education credits will be awarded after completing this course.

As a result of taking this course, you will learn remedies for:

  • Bitter Root Judgments
  • Generational Family Dysfunction
  • Intractable Inner Vows
  • Bitter Root Expectancies and Self-fulfilling Prophecies
  • Damaging Injunctive Childhood Messages
  • The Dreadful Drama Triangle of Persecutor, Rescuer, and Victim
  • The Empowerment Dynamic
  • Self-sabotaging 


God's call on my life at 79 years of age: 

A Personal Note:

I sense God's calling to share valuable counseling and mentoring skills I learned over many years and found helpful to bring about healing.

Having served as a pastor and psychologist for many years, I  personally have experienced emotional, spiritual, and physical "wear and tear" as I ministered to the needs of an active congregation and and counseling clients.

Burnout and compassion fatigue resulted  when I became overwhelmed to meet all needs.

In this course, I will share ways I've discovered to avoid burnout and compassion fatigue, to allow quality time for prayer and care for personal and family needs. 

If you need additional information about this course, please call: (803)422-4306

In His compassionate love, mercy and forgiveness,