In the convenience of your home or office, we offer a 32 week online Certified Life Coach Training Program.

The Life Coach Training Topics

Transformative Life Coaching:
Why Transformative Life Coaching? 
Differences and Similarities of Therapy and Transformative Life Coaching
Getting Started as a Life Coach
Developing & Marketing Your Life Coaching Practice

Our Approach to Life Coaching:
The use of administrative and coaching Contracts 
Contracts help clients determine and reach individual goals.
The Importance of addressing the client's spiritual needs.

Life Story:
The Welcome Packet, Life balance. Life story
Help clients remember and recount significant early life experiences
and relationships to better understand, know, and accept self
The influence of parents, and injunctive driver messages
Listening in a healing way as a Life Coach

Life Scripts:
Using Life Scripts to further reveal a client's blueprint for life.

Bitter Root Judgments, Inner Vow, and Bitter Root Expectancies:
Helping clients resolve bitter root judgments, Inner Vows, and Bitter Root Expectancies

Transactional Analysis in Life Coaching:
Understanding the importance of Parent, Adult, and Child paradigms
Effective Communication Styles
Using the Empowerment Dynamic to Effect Positive Change

Body, Mind, and Spirit interaction:
Helping clients understand the inter-relatedness of body, mind, and spirit

Using the Karpman Drama Triangle as a life coaching tool:
Helping clients escape the destructive drama "triangle of Persecutor, Rescuer, and Victim"
How to empower a Client, rather than enabling or rescuing

Importance of  Co-Coaching:
Two or more coaches working in harmony to enhance the individual and family
Using the Healthy Start-Up Program

Self Care for Life Coaches:
Proven ways to prevent compassionate fatigue and burnout.

Importance of Client Cluster:
How former clients share their experiences with new clients entering coaching with " client-cluster."
Maintaining new life patters with Client-cluster support groups.

Knowing when to terminate the coaching relationship.

"The training I am receiving is phenomenal, and you are an amazing instructor and person!!! Your hands-on instructor techniques are life changing assignments for me while learning the foundational principles and modules of what makes a great Christian coach. I am empowered in every venue I find myself to come along side others and help them get unstuck whether it is a formal setting or my every day living environment. I believe for me, one of the most exciting and challenging components is to become the creator of my life based on the principles, information and teachings I am receiving from your many years of experience, education and wisdom. It is also a blessing to learn Christian principles wrapped in coaching and to know the difference between the two (secular based). I love the community of individuals in the setting who add so much value and insight as well. Lasting, thank you for the opportunity to stretch as you provide a platform to learn, teach and role play the various techniques. Quite innovative! Heartfelt grateful." Audrey Hosley

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