Embracing the Father's Love: Creative Healing Retreats


You are invited to our

Embracing the Father's Love:Creative Healing Retreats

"We are on a Journey to become what we already are."

Lexington County Library
5440 Augusta Road
Lexington, SC 29072

Saturday, April 18, 2015
10am. to 4pm.

Retreat Leader: Dr. David Watkins

Some personal thoughts:

We had no perfect parents, only human ones! 

Our parents  were little children. They were wounded by parents and parental figures. 

We became the "self" (false self) that we thought our parents wanted us to become. We became their "image".

Tragically, we lost our true and authentic Self, the self God created and love unconditionally before anything existed!

Even more tragically, most of us have never found our True Self, and as a result, most of us live with anxiety, confusion and fear.

This Retreat will help you experience your true self, and a new-found freedom perhaps for the first time in your life!

This Retreat will address problems that prevent us from reaching our God-given potential and living a joyful, fulfilled life.

We will address these issues:

  • Father wounds
  • Mother wounds
  • Inner Child wounds
  • Lost Child
  • False Self vs True Self
  • Toxic Shame
  • Self-rejection and self-loathing

Register as soon as possible since seating is limited. 

Please contact Dr. David Watkins:(803) 422-4306

In His compassionate love, mercy, and forgiveness,

Dr. David