In the convenience of your home or office, we offer a 32 week online Certified Life Coach Training Program.

"Transformed People Transform People"

" We are on a Journey to become who we already are...Creators!"

Unique Features of our online worldwide Certified Life Coach Training Program:

Individualized, self-paced training 

Worldwide online access

Low tuition costs 

A spiritual transformative program of heart and soul

 Weekly online coach support, growth, and encouragement group

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"Dr. Watkins is an excellent teacher and I feel blessed to have been a part of his Life Coaching program and Certification. Dr. Watkins' Life Coaching Program offers an excellent foundation for future Life Coaches to excel in a rewarding and globally accepted practice. Life Coaches not only create magnificent growth in the person being coached, but experience growth themselves. His life coaching program offers instruction, practice of skills and also a great support network of coaches. This career path is a fusion of great income potential and service to others. Perfectly balanced. I would highly recommend his certification programs."
Catherine Keller, Certified Professional Life Coach 

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Please call: (803) 422-4306