In the convenience of your home or office, we offer a four (4 ) Month Online Certified Life Coach Training Program.
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Dr. Watkins is an excellent teacher and I feel blessed to have been a part of his Life Coaching program and Certification. Dr. Watkins' Life Coaching Program offers an excellent foundation for future Life Coaches to excel in a rewarding and globally accepted practice. Life Coaches not only create magnificent growth in the person being coached, but experience growth themselves. His life coaching program offers instruction, practice of skills and also a great support network of coaches. This career path is a fusion of great income potential and service to others. Perfectly balanced. I would highly recommend his certification programs.
Catherine Keller, Certified Professional Life Coach 
Life Coaching training has given me an entirely new outlook on life and my ability to help others. Dr. David Watkins was sent by God to positively mold my life. Not only have I looked deeper within my soul and let God truly lead me but Dr. Watkins has also given me the strength and confidence to use all I possess and all he has taught me to help others. This training provided healing, growth and love for me to share with not only my family but those I help!! I will use every tool I've learned to be the best Life Coach I can be and I am forever grateful for Dr. David Watkins.Ashley Mack, CPLC, Certified Professional Life Coach


The training I am receiving is phenomenal, and you are an amazing instructor and person!!! Your hands-on instructor techniques are life changing assignments for me while learning the foundational principles and modules of what makes a great Christian coach. I am empowered in every venue I find myself to come along side others and help them get unstuck whether it is a formal setting or my every day living environment. I believe for me, one of the most exciting and challenging components is to become the creator of my life based on the principles, information and teachings I am receiving from your many years of experience, education and wisdom. It is also a blessing to learn Christian principles wrapped in coaching and to know the difference between the two (secular based). I love the community of individuals in the setting who add so much value and insight as well. Lasting, thank you for the opportunity to stretch as you provide a platform to learn, teach and role play the various techniques. Quite innovative! Heartfelt grateful. Audrey Hosley
My coaching experience with Dr. Watkins has been one of excellent goal identification, planning and attaining my goals.  I am truly a different person today, with invaluable insight into my own strengths and weaknesses.  The positive effects of my coaching sessions and coach training with Dr. Watkins can be seen in my personal, spiritual and professional life.  Thank you, Dr. Watkins for you continued support and affirmation as I learn to be the woman God created to find success and meaning.
Carol Conway, CPLC, Certified Professional Life Coach

Coaching training was transforming for me both professionally and personally. I feel more confident now that I have the tools to help myself and my clients understand our motivations and face our fears. I am forever grateful for my new discoveries. I know myself better. I don't think you can ask for anything more. its priceless and again i am forever grateful for this coaching. Working with Dr. David was truly a privilege. His bright, fun, and extremely knowledgeable way about him was so very obvious in every conversation.
Jamie Minter,CPLC, Certified Professional Life Coach

Dr. Watkins has an amazing amount of knowledge, wisdom, and insight. I feel fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to receive life coaching training from him. An important key in making my decision to train under him was discovering his Biblical and spiritual background and his belief that every mental, emotional, and psychological problem has a spiritual basis. This was an important connection for me and ties closely with ministry training that I’ve received. I have learned so much about myself and about relationships in these classes. I look forward to using the training I’ve received to coach others to live fuller, more purposeful, and empowered lives.
Thank you, Dr. Watkins! Georgette Osbon,
CPLC, Certified Professional Life Coach

When I joined the Life Coaching group last July, I was not sure what to expect.  I thought to myself, “Well, this thing may be a total crock, but I’m curious about it nonetheless…”  From the first meeting I attended, I knew that God had led me to the group.  Being a trained counselor, many of the concepts introduced were familiar to me, but were not approaches I had used during the years I was employed as a therapist.  In revisiting Transactional Analysis, I was able to identify areas in my life in which I was acting out of my Child, which explained why I was experiencing particular emotions, as well as relational difficulties.  The Power of Ted, Transforming the Inner Man, and other materials we studied, helped me to begin shifting my perspective towards myself and others from negative and judgmental, to more open and positive.  Growth is never easy; however, with the unconditional emotional and spiritual support of the coaching group, true inner change has begun. Rebecca Denny,CPLC, Certified Professional Life Coach
Dr. Watkins is an" Awesome" man of God!  The information that I have received from this course has been an eye opening experience for me. Dr. Watkins has a wealth of information that he is always willing to share with the group and others. I have had the privilege to meet some amazing people, who are encouraging and caring. I am so glad that I decided to become a life coach. Traci Thompson-Bryant